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Molly Walker: Coolest kid ever when Hank turns 18.
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Name → Molly Walker.
Alias → Ujala.
Date of Birth → October 3rd, 1998.

Occupation/Status →</b> Student/Post-human. (Evolved human.)
Ability → Clairvoyance (remote viewing specific.) Will evolve as her body does.
Appearance → Standing at 4’9 ½ Molly Walker is a petite, yet growing, young girl. Tiny legs will probably take after her father, as did her genetic marker, and will probably be all legs by the time she reaches High School. Blue eyed, rosy cheeks and a fair complexion compliment her long, straight strands of light brown hair. However, since she’s been living in Chennai for months, Molly’s hair has considerably lightened and her skin now has a soft bronze glow, making her deep blue eyes stand out. Her face is heart shaped, her nose is tiny—it reminds her of a citizen of Whoville, but she’s just being critical—and her ears are even more petite and stick out. Her cheeks are dimpled and body still has the baby fat she’ll grow out of during her teen years. Her dress is normally casually, but when she attended school in Brooklyn, she wore a school girl’s uniform (which was quickly disrobed as soon as her bedroom door was locked once she returned home).
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Social capital

  • less than 10